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When CEO was first formed over 50 years ago, it was a local, grassroots effort designed to respond to a national crisis. Celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2015, we recognized that since our humble beginnings we have grown by leaps and bounds. It is estimated that we have changed more than 500,000 lives through our variety of programs and services over the years and we continue to work diligently toward our mission: to change lives and improve our community.

Below, you can explore the various ways that CEO has taken steps toward achieving our goals over the last year, touching the lives of individuals and families in Rensselaer county and the Capital Region. You’ll also discover how CEO is working together with local community partners and fellow non-profit organizations to expand our reach and maximize our effectiveness, developing never-before-seen partnerships and initiatives. If a particular topic interests you, use the list below to jump to a specific section.

Table of Contents:

  1. Our History

  2. Our Mission

  3. Our Community Impact – Success by the Numbers

  4. Our Partnerships – How CEO Connects with the Community to Make a Larger Impact

  5. Our Customer Stories – Proof that our Services Work

  6. Our Fiscal Responsibility – How We Are Funded

  7. Get Involved

Our Story

black&white-circle CEO’s story began over 50 years ago, when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. This simple step to address poverty on a national level gave life to Community Action and was the basis for CEO’s humble start.
History Circle 3-01 Today, CEO is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in Rensselaer County and is responsible for creating opportunities and transforming the lives of nearly 13,000 residents each year. The more than 20 programs and services we operate are designed to change lives and improve our community.

Our Mission

Mission Circle-01

CEO creates partnerships and develops opportunities for social and economic growth and empowerment in individuals, families and communities.

Community Impact

Individuals and families were provided emergency food assistance. Individuals obtained health care services for themselves or a family member. Homes rehabilitated or weatherized to improve safety and increase energy efficiency.
Infants and children were provided the adequate nutrition necessary to support healthy development. Youth increased their academic, athletic or social skills to enhance their school success. Children participated in pre-school activities to develop school readiness skills.
Youth and adults increased their skill set through educational and skills training opportunities. Volunteers moved into action within CEO’s many programs and services.  608994  Funds returned to families and our community as a result of participation in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.

Our Partnerships

To meet the needs of our community as effectively as possible, CEO has over 230 unique partnerships with over 150 local businesses, school districts, associations and fellow non-profits.

Our Customers

Our services impact real people in our community every day. CEO’s staff provide compassionate support and innovative program approaches that empower people to reach their full potential.

Victoria Prentice

When Victoria Prentice (pictured right) first came to CEO, she was pregnant and out of work on her doctor’s orders. “Financially, it was penny-to-penny every single day,” Victoria recalls. When Victoria found WIC, she found the support she needed to help her make it through that tough time and put food on the table.

“Victoria walked into this program just as a consumer, not having any idea that we were going to change her life,” says Melissa Sacco (pictured left), CEO’s WIC Manager.

When Victoria’s son was just a few months old, she became aware of a unique opportunity to become a WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, which pairs experienced mothers as peer support for new or struggling mothers.

“I’m so happy to be a part of helping these moms the way that the program helped me,” says Victoria of her experience at WIC.

Learn more about Victoria’s story and hear additional stories of CEO’s impact in our new video.

Our Financials

Over 90% of our funding goes directly toward services. Learn more about how our 20+ programs and services are funded:

Funding Breakdown Funding Sources*
*Funding includes grants and revenue-based programs.
Head Start Funding Breakdown Head Start Funding Sources

Get Involved

This Annual Report is just one small illustration of the overarching impacts CEO has had on our community this past year. Over 90% of our funding goes directly toward the programs and services that help Capital Region residents achieve physical, financial, and emotional wellness. If this is something you feel passionate about and you’d like to make a difference in your community, please consider donating to CEO or giving the gift of your time by volunteering with one of our many programs. Together, we can change lives and improve our community.

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