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School Partnerships

CEO is committed to improving the education of children across all of Rensselaer County – especially children whose families are facing economic challenges. Our knowledge and experience in helping people achieve stability arms us with the tools necessary to make lasting, wide-reaching impacts in our community. Our goal is to partner with school districts, human service providers, and elected officials to meet the basic needs of individuals and families in our community, strengthening our neighborhoods by supporting residents of all ages. And what is a more logical step than to begin with our schools?

The School 2 Improvement Project

CEO is working with School 2 in Troy to offer more support for students’ needs. As a part of the District’s School 2 Improvement project, CEO will be working with the school to provide counseling services, to help manage emotional or home-life challenges that may be affecting students’ abilities to focus on their school work. By offering this service, CEO’s partnership in the School 2 Improvement Project will enrich the school environment with a necessary point of contact to ensure healthy emotional development among students.

The Community Schools Initiative

CEO has partnered with the Troy City School District to engage in the Community Schools Initiative. Together, we are aiming to improve student performance and educational outcomes by strengthening the connections between local resources and families in need. CEO will partner with School 2 to bring important community resources into the school itself, improving access for families who need help. These resources will span a number core service areas including, but not limited to:

  • Medical, dental, and mental health
  • Literacy
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Nutrition
  • Finances and job counseling
  • Community safety
  • Homelessness support
  • Mentoring
  • Immigrant and language support

The goal is to meet the basic needs of families facing challenges, so their children will be able to focus on their education and improve overall academic performance.

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