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Success Stories

We see success in ways great and small each and every day. Here are some examples of how CEO has helped people to change their lives.


YouthBuild is a unique program designed to give young people a second chance at success.  Carlos is an example of just how much some young people need that chance.

 Carlos grew up in the Bronx, where his life was headed in a direction of negativity and violence.  In order give him an opportunity for a better life, his mother relocated Carlos to Troy to live with his aunt.  It was at this time that Carlos learned about YouthBuild.

With an aptitude for construction, Carlos quickly became a shining star in the current YouthBuild cohort.  Just 5 months into the program, Carlos has already obtained his High School Equivalency Degree, First Aid and CPR Certification and Building Performance Institute certification as an Energy Auditor.  

Carlos credits YouthBuild with helping him set and achieve goals to secure a path toward a better future.  He has already set his sights on joining the Carpenter’s Union and is considering his options for college.


Gillian is a prime example of the impact financial education can make in our lives.  Like so many of us, Gillian struggled to establish and maintain a budget and saw the impact in her daily life.  Through her work with CEO and participation in the Financial Empowerment education series, Gillian has seen her credit score improve by more than 100 points, she has established an emergency savings plan and she has strengthened her relationship with her bank.

Gillian continues to monitor her finances and set new goals for her financial future.  She is currently saving to purchase a new car to provide reliable transportation to and from work.


Refugees from the Republic of Lebanon, Amal and her family faced many struggles in their home country, most of which we couldn’t event fathom. Upon arriving in the United States their struggles continued, but Amal’s spirit and resolve remained steadfast and determined.  Amal came to CEO seeking assistance for her family and while working with CEO’s compassionate staff, Amal found a multitude of supports available to offer her family opportunity to change their future.

Amal’s experience with the Community Health Project, in particular, has afforded her some much-needed support in managing her own health needs as well as the health of her family of eight.  But more than that, Amal has found a confidante in the program to help her manage and address the various needs facing her family.

We know that the path toward change comes with many small steps.  It is Amal’s perseverance in the face of extreme hardship for which we honor her today.  Amal continues to utilize many of CEO’s supports to create change for her family and remains steadfast in her goal.


Chris is a valued member of CEO’s Foster Grandparent Program.

Chris takes pride in volunteering in CEO’s Head Start classrooms and reading to the children. He is diligent in his efforts to ensure the stories he reads correspond with the curriculum in each individual classroom every week!

Recently, health complications left Chris in and out of the hospital, and unable to regularly contribute in the classroom. It was his passion for mentoring those children that helped him choose to make a change in his life. He desired to be healthy so he could get back to doing what he loved. Now, with his health in check, he has more energy to devote to the children that love him so much.

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