Who We Are

Remember that saying ‘Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime?’

If there was ever an idea that defines what CEO does, that’s the one.

We believe that people have the power to change. We believe that everyone can build the life they want if they have the right tools. And, we believe that rising out of poverty isn’t about handouts – it’s about empowerment.

Our services empower people to develop independence in all life areas. CEO gives people the tools they need to build financial stability and lead healthier, happier lives. Our programs work with individuals, families, and the larger community to improve quality of life by meeting social, emotional, financial, and educational needs.

CEO’s programs are designed to be stepping stones to long-term success. They focus on education, skill building, and connecting people to resources they need. Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty by targeting poverty at its root causes – removing barriers and supporting change.



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We embrace these values across our agency and throughout our community:

Helping Others



CEO develops partnerships and creates opportunities for growth and empowerment in our community.

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At a Glance

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It takes a village to run our organization.

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200 Employees

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15 Programs

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging

CEO strives to create a culture of inclusion and belonging where everyone can be their authentic selves and feel respected, valued, and safe regardless of their background, perspective, culture, and experience.

We pledge to use our community presence to strengthen the diverse voices of our families, team members, and community partners.

Collectively we empower all to achieve economic security throughout their life stages by providing access to inclusive education, health, nutrition, and energy conservation programs.

The CEO organization is comprised  of over 200 employees, who together run over 15 different programs that help people rise out of poverty. Our employees come from many walks of life, but we all share one thing in common – we are all dedicated to making the Capital Region of New York a healthier and happier place. We understand the complex factors that contribute to poverty in our area, and we work tirelessly to help people in need to achieve success.

But, CEO is more than the organization itself. CEO works with many community partners to ensure the highest level of care possible.