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My Favorite Part of Working for CEO’s Early Childhood Services Program

My Favorite Part of Working for CEO’s Early Childhood Services Program

Posted September 27, 2021

Every day is different in our Early Childhood Services program. With centers spread out across Rensselaer County, our staff, families, and communities are all very different too. We thought it would be nice to see some of our staff member’s favorite parts of their jobs.  We asked twelve Early Childhood Services staff members what their favorite part of their job is, and we found many common themes!

Angelica- CRC

Being with the children all day. Just watching them grow, seeing how they change from classroom to classroom, things like that.

Holly- CRC

I like the community. I like the relationships that people have with each other, and everyone is very supportive of each other.

Nichole- LFRC

The kids! Just watching them grow and learn every day.

Kati-Anne- LFRC

I love that you can make a difference. You create relationships with the parents, and you are looking out for the best interest of their children too. Just seeing how happy the children are makes me happy. They are 14 of my little best friends! They are such honest genuine people. It just makes every day fun to be here.

Rodney- HFFRC

My favorite part of working for CEO is by far the value that I feel from the upper management. I always feel like I’m valued, and I’m worried about, and I’m cared about.

Paula- HFFRC

My favorite part is interacting with the children, and seeing them grow throughout the time that they spend here.

Teresa- SFRC

I think that for all the time that I’ve been here, which is 17 years, is the closeness with the kids. It’s different than at a public school where things are kept distant, you can’t pick up a child when they’ve been hurt, or hug them, or things like that. Here you can be a stand in parent, and give them the nurturing they need, and that they thrive on. I think it helps in our own lives too, that when we need that to, we can play with them, and pull them near and get that hug that we need too.

Nicole- SFRC

I always feel appreciated. The staff and management are always here to help you with everything when you need them.

Jane- RFRC

I’ve worked for CEO for 23 years, and I think it’s been working with the children and watching their faces when they learn new stuff.

Ashleigh- RFRC

One of my favorite parts of working for CEO is that I feel like we have a really good teaching team. We all work together, and I feel like it’s a good community between the teachers and the families we have. Everybody works well together and is close.

Andrea- School 12

Working with the children is my favorite part. No day is ever the same, I always have a different day and I love it.

Lisa- School 12

My favorite part of working for CEO is seeing all the kids in the morning, and getting to teach them engaging lessons.


Interested in joining our Early Childhood Services team? Find out what we have for open positions on our ADP Career Portal!

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