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Sequestration and Head Start

Sequestration and Head Start

Posted March 15, 2013

As some of you may be aware, sequestration is expected to cut federal funding which supports some of CEO’s most recognizable programs. CEO’s Head Start and Early Head Start programs are projecting a 5% budget cut this year alone. While we are certainly going to do everything we can to maintain the same level of high-quality Head Start and Early Head Start programming, the truth is, this loss of funding will hurt us.

Today, the National Head Start Association is organizing a “Stroll In to Stop Sequestration,” and they are asking all Head Start parents and concerned community members to contact  or visit their local legislators and elected officials, and voice any concerns they may have about this loss of funding.

While CEO can’t tell you what to say, we can give you some facts: the Head Start budget cuts will mean that an expected 4,300 Head Start kids will be cut from Head Start programs in New York State. We can also tell you that nationwide, over 77,000 low-income children will be cut from Head Start programs.

Do you believe in Head Start’s mission?


  • all children should reach their full potential?
  • every child can succeed?
  • we can impact the success of at-risk children?
  • quality early education fundamentally transforms children and families?

If so, we thought you should know about this opportunity to use your right to free speech.


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