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Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

CEO will be offering a fully virtual free option for tax preparation in 2022 for the filing of 2021 taxes. Virtual VITA means that taxpayers who meet the eligibility criteria will upload his/her/their tax documents to a secure IRS sponsored website called “Get Your Refund” and a certified volunteer tax preparer will complete the taxes and file them upon approval from the taxpayer. No in-person services will be available for the duration of the 2021 tax season.

*For interested taxpayers who cannot file through the fully virtual option; please contact 211 to find a drop-off or in-person VITA program near you.

Meet the volunteers who will be preparing your return:

VITA’s volunteers are local professionals trained to complete your tax return accurately, accessing credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit. The VITA program can complete both Federal and State tax returns and is able to e-file for a faster refund. VITA volunteers may also be able to link you with banking resources and financial education. This program is a collaboration with United Way.

Site Coordinator: George

George has been volunteering with the VITA program for over 15 years, the last several of which he has been the Site Coordinator at CEO. For George the best part of volunteering is the interaction with the taxpayer, especially the ones that come back year after year. Fun fact: George pitched a no hitter in Armory Little League many years ago!

Volunteer Preparers:


David is entering his third year volunteering with VITA. He enjoys taking some of what he does at work and trying to assist those in need of services locally. He also loves the people/volunteers and most of the clients, too! Fun fact: David got married in Troy and visits often, but has never lived in Rensselaer County.


Erin is entering her third year volunteering with VITA. She likes being involved in her community and being able to help others. Fun fact: Erin’s homemade chocolate chip cookies are a fan favorite among family and friends.


Frank has been volunteering with VITA for 9 years. He thinks his fellow volunteers are great and enjoys helping clients. Fun fact: Frank grew up in Rensselaer County and it is still his favorite place locally to ride his bike.

Mary Ann

Mary Ann is entering her 12th year volunteering with VITA. She likes to use her knowledge to help other people and enjoys working with the other volunteers. Fun fact: Mary Ann loves to travel around the country and internationally. Last summer she went to the Ozarks and this May she is going to Hawaii for a friend’s son’s wedding.


Michele is entering her 8th year volunteering with VITA. She enjoys assisting community members navigate the tax filing system and has met many interesting and friend people (both clients and volunteers) during her time with VITA. Fun fact: Erin’s hobby is putting together jigsaw puzzles.


Christine is entering her 7th year volunteering with VITA. She loves working with the other volunteers and the taxpayers. Fun fact: Christine loves travelling! Her last trip was Alaska and Hawaii and she has a trip to South Africa scheduled for September of this year!


Suzy is entering her 2nd year volunteering with VITA and she previously volunteered with AARP for 7 years. She thinks VITA is an extremely organized and efficiently run program and it’s great to work with the volunteers and CEO staff. Fun fact: Suzy loves to run and swim.

To be eligible for CEO VITA services, in 2022 you must:

Have a household income of less than $58,000 in 2021

Have worked in New York State

Have not receive income from rental property

Have not receive military pay

Have not sold a house, stocks, bonds or other financial assets in 2021

Have not declared bankruptcy in 2021

Have not sold, exchanged, or otherwise disposed of virtual currency in 2021

And, if you are self-employed, you don’t have any employees or inventor/depreciation/ business expenses worth more than $5,000

Documents to be uploaded in Get Your Refund:

A Social Security Card (or ITIN letter) for each taxpayer who will sign the return and all dependents

A photo identification (both front and back) for each taxpayer who will sign the return

W-2 forms for all jobs worked in 2021

All 1099 and 1098 forms you received for 2021

  • SSA-1099 if you received social security benefits in 2021
  • 1099-G if you received unemployment benefits in 2021

If you received your health insurance through the NY State of Health (known as the Marketplace), your 1095 A

6475 Letter – total amount of Economic Impact Payments that was issued in the 3rd round starting in March 2021 and continued through December 2021

6419 Letter – total amount of advanced child tax credit payments a taxpayer received in 2021

If you paid for childcare in 2021 and wish to deduct it: a copy of the provider’s name, complete address, and tax identification number

If you wish to have your refund automatically deposited: a voided check or savings account deposit slip showing your account numbers

Ready to get started? There are just a few simple steps to file!

Contact Us:

VITA will be opened for 2021 tax returns shortly, see eligibility requirements to confirm your eligibility prior to reaching out.

If you have questions on the VITA program or about your previous years filing with us, please contact our offices.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

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